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Security at Beehive Social is taken very seriously. Your online security is important to us and we have taken steps to provide you with a secure Beehive Social experience.

If you believe you have found a security vulnerability that will affect the Beehive Social community please drop us an email at In the meantime here are some advice on what you should and can do to protect yourself online:

1) Create a Strong Password.

2) Protect your personal information:

Protect your privacy

How your information gets online

Take charge of your online reputation

On a lighter note, our busy bees are not only busy creating honey, they're also busy being trained to sense and 'sniff' out any cybercriminals that come near the Beehive. Inherently associated with the brains of our bees is a secret algorithm, which combined with their antennaes, collectively act as a unified sensor to 'sniff' out any cybercriminals. Watch out 'sniffer bees' are about!